Telco Bridges

TelcoBridges designs, develops and manufactures carrier-grade telecommunications hardware and software.

From its headquarters in Boucherville (Montreal), QC, CANADA, TelcoBridges performs R&D as well as assembly and testing of its products. TelcoBridges brands include: Tmedia, Tsig, Ttrans, Tdev, andTmonitor. These products answer the needs for VoIP gateways, telecom solution development platforms, and real-time network monitoring.

With deployments in over 60 countries worldwide, TelcoBridges strives to continuously provide the highest standards of Stability, Reliability, and Integrity. To minimise the Total Cost of Ownership [TCO] TelcoBridges gateways offer the world’s highest density Gateways in the smallest form factor possible, and efficient modern power modules.

TelcoBridges flagship product is our Tmedia VoIP media Gateway. This unit treats signaling as well as media, while bridging together TDM and IP.

Most of our products are divided into 3 series numbers which correspond to number of available VoIP channels:


  1. 800 series can have from 32 to 256 VoIP channels,
  2. 3200 series can have from 256 to 2,048 VoIP channels,
  3. 7800 series can have from to 512 to 32,768 VoIP channels.


Our products are available with several different connectors for maximum flexibility:


  1. E1 / T1,
  2. DS3,
  3. STM1 / OC3.